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After many months of research and education about NFT's, we crafted our idea to the best of our ability before creating our product. With an emphasis on the art being at the forefront with vibrance and detail, not only giving us a project to move forward with but giving us a project that we and our community can be proud of.


With the involvement of published author and public figure Rollo Tomassi, The Red Pill Lions Project and team has a large reach across many different platforms. From social media services to podcasts and discords our project will have a massive push to grow the brand and change the narrative.


The Red Pill Lions project will have a very limited pre-sale which will also feature some giveaways to a few lucky supporters. The goal of this heavily limited pre-sale is to give everyone the same opportunity on the launch of our project while also maintaining the scarcity and limited nature of our project.


After creation and marketing are handled the project will be ready for public sale. For our public sale, we know there will be collectors and sellers ready to buy, as a reminder for anyone new to the NFT space holding a majority of the items and selling them at a higher price will allow all members to make a better profit moving forward if you intend to sell at all.

When our original project circulates for a strong period of time our next step as a team will be creating mutations for our lions. A mutation is a more valuable form of a current lion that you hold, to mutate you will need to buy our new NFT serum. Once you combine your serum with your lion through our website you will be given a super rare art-heavy new version of your lion in exchange for yours. Each mutated lion will be a 1 of 1, giving it an exponentially higher value.

Ahead for this projects longevity going into 2024, we will complete and publicly sell our mutation serum. Also we will be making a contribution to a mens mental health organization which still has to be chosen after proper research. On top of that through this collection there will be more products coming from merch and branding to new NFT's.

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