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Being Red Pill or Alpha Male can mean many different things to many different people. Some get a bad idea from uninformed word of mouth and some are educated enough to understand the true positives for men in this society. The goal of being an Alpha isn't negative or derogatory towards anyone, the goal of being an Alpha Male is paved through purpose. All men want to achieve and succeed in every part of life but struggle through the mental and emotional problems that they face day to day with no true way to climb out of it. Through finding a purpose and creating an identity unattached to others and emotion you start finding your happy and productive way of living as a man without chasing what you want to achieve, but letting it gravitate to you through the continual steps up the stairway to success.

Being on your purpose as an Alpha Male by doing things like having a physical health regiment and grinding for your financial gain, or continuing your education and maintaining healthy interactions with women keep men from being Beta. Beta not as a derogatory but as a state of being defines the negatives to a mans mental health creating toxic and unmotivated ways of thinking. The Alpha will not overreact in situations and has a poised logical way of thinking, the Beta emotionally loses control and lashes out physically, verbally and, irrationally. These negative reactions all stem from a depressive and insecure state in a mans mental well being.

What we will achieve through this project is the changing of the narrative, giving a face to a healthy way of living as men and bringing awareness to a way of improving mens mental health which is so heavily overlooked in todays society.

For More Info On Red Pill Or Alpha Males Check Out THE RATIONAL MALE™ Series By Our Rollo Tomassi

Season 1 Coming Soon 

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